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Located alongside the River Nene and just 67 miles away from the UK’s capital, Northampton is home to The Holy Sepulchre, one of England’s largest and best-preserved round churches. The county town of Northampton has also been used for television, as the location for the BBC’s Keeping Up Appearances during the 1990’s.

As well as being home to picturesque ancient buildings and popular television programme locations, Northampton is the home of several dental implant dentists. These professionals are able to provide a number of restorative procedures ranging from single tooth implants to teeth-in-an-hour treatment.

Dental implants are a revolutionary solution for missing teeth or loose, uncomfortable dentures. They fit directly into the jawbone and essentially act as a tooth root, enabling patients to smile with comfort and confidence, exactly how they would with natural teeth.

Dental implant dentists in Northampton provide patients with the very latest systems to create functional, healthy smiles. They demonstrate a dedicated, professional approach and are true experts when it comes to restoring smiles.

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