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The city of Oxford is located in the county town of Oxfordshire in southern England. With a population of 150,200, it is Britain's 52nd largest city and has one of the country's fastest growing populations.

Oxford's economic base is very broad. It's most popular industries include publishing, education, motor manufacture and a vast amount of science-based and information technology businesses. The city is renowned for its university, Oxford University, which is the oldest university in the English-speaking world.

Oxford is also home to a number of dental professionals who can offer revolutionary dental implants. By replacing a missing tooth root, dental implants ensure that tooth drift and bone loss do not occur. This keeps the jawbone, surrounding teeth and gums healthy. Dental implant dentists in Oxford can provide a varied selection of implant services and tooth restoration treatment.

Oxford dentists have the skills and expertise to deliver the finest treatments and most stunning, functional smiles to their patients.

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