I Have A Very Sensitive Gag Reflex. Can I Be Put To Sleep During Implant Treatment?

Hi! I have 3 missing teeth, on my bottom jaw. They’re not causing me any problems as such but I feel like I would like to have them replacing as I can feel my jaw starting to sag. The only problem is that I have a VERY sensitive gag reflex, which is why my teeth were in such a state to begin with. My dentist couldn’t go near my mouth without me dry heaving and then being sick! I was wondering if I was to opt for this if I could be put to sleep to receive the treatment? Even at the check-up? Consultation? Honestly, it’s that bad and I’m at my wits end! Thanks. 
Hi there, thanks for coming to me with your question. Nowadays many dental clinics offer sedation options before treatment commences. This is mainly for nervous patients but is also really useful for people with a sensitive gag reflex as it will allow your body to relax. Have a word with your dentist to see if he or she can offer this to you. Good luck! 
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