Are dental implants an option for me, after my illness?

Hello. Thank you for all the information on the website here and would like to ask. It is stated that a dental school may take you on as a patient, please can I have list of places?

I am not sure of the cost of implants and know that I need one or maybe even five.

I had beautiful teeth that I paid over 3,000 for five years ago. They were veneers. I fell ill three years ago with Trigeminal Neuralgia and the operation went wrong and ended up with further complications. My teeth due to the very nature of what I have, began to deteriorate since falling ill.

So have many questions having sobbed all morning with an implant breaking and just had enough of the illness. Can I have implants with what I have ? Can you get finance for teeth if just for a while you are not on a massive income?

If the answer to the last, is possible if I cannot find a dentist school to take me on, then please can I have an appointment?

I have never been so low as before falling sick was such an upcoming law student in my final year and it is amazing how quickly your life is taken from you and right now trying to manage and just want to be able to smile again.

If implants are possible – please can I have a reply, Thank you.

It sounds like you need a check up and some advice. You may just need new veneers, not implants.
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