Can the Implant Procedure be Carried Out Under Anaesthetic?

Hello Dr Bohara, I have 4 missing teeth at the top of my mouth on the right side and I want to have them replaced but I have a really really sensitive gag reflex. I’ve always had problems going to the dentist because of this as I’d gag even if I was only having a check up! But it sounds like I need implants so I just wanted to know if the procedure can be carried out with me under anaesthetic? 
Hi, thank you for your question. These days most dental clinics offer options for nervous patients, for example sedation, which I think would help you in this instance. Sedation will help your body to relax so you’re much less likely to gag, and you’ll still be responsive enough to communicate with the dentist if you need/want to. Have a word with your dentist to see if this is an option they can offer to you. Good luck!
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