I Have Gum Disease And I’m Worried My Teeth May Fall Out, Can You Provide Me With Any Help Or Advice?

Hello, Dr Bohara. I have gum disease, which I have had treatment for over the last couple of years. After a filling some weeks ago, I had quite bad toothache, and the tooth is now about to fall out. I am devastated, as I do not want a plate fitted. I am also scared that the other teeth will fall out as well as this. I thought I was on top of the disease?
If I pay for just one tooth now, I may have to keep getting dentures which will be costing more and more, my dentist has not been very helpful in this matter either. I can’t have a bridge as I do not have many back teeth. I really hope you can help me with this enquiry, any information or advice will be greatly received. Thank You.
Hello. My advice would be to tell you to seek advice from a dentist experienced in implant dentistry by having a consultation. This should allay you fears over these matters and hopefully provide you with the piece of mind you seek. Thank you for your question, I hope this helps. Dr Kalpesh Bohara.
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