Can a teenager get dental implants?

Q. I have a 15 year old son who in june 2010 had an accident on his bmx bike resulting in loosing 4 of his major front top teeth and shattering the bone. To cut a long story short he has had 2 temp dentures which kept falling out and will soon be receiving his 3rd which is a metal form which clip on to his back teeth of which i have had to pay £800 for.So my question is why is my 15 year old son not entitled to cosmetic surgery i.e.implants/bonegraft. i would very much appreciate if you could contact me on the above email as i have so much more to say . yours sincerly Mrs Welch.,
A. It is unusual to place dental implants in boys of less than 18 yrs old and that is still quite young. Girls develop faster than boys so 16yrs might be a starting age for them.
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