I’ve had a new crown fitted and it’s a completely different colour to the rest of my teeth, is there anything I can do about this?

Hi I have just had a crown fitted on a previously (23yrs ago) root filled molar (1st molar from front) that I am not happy with. Firstly it has a grey line around the gum line that looks horrible (reminds me of dirty finger nails!) and secondly the colour is at least a shade lighter than my own teeth which makes it very noticeable when I smile – bringing attention to the ugly grey gum line. My dentist has told me that the crown is ceramic on metal; the back cusp of the crown is all silver which I am not overkeen on but am given to understand that its more practical. My question is – is the grey line to be expected because of the previous root canal treatment or should I be able to expect a natural looking tooth right to the gum line rather than an obvious fake. Or is it me expecting too much. My teeth otherwise are in quite good condition. I would be grateful for your advice before I go back this Friday as I feel that my dentist will try to ‘fob’ me off with nonsense, as when she prepared the tooth for the crown she did not put on a temporary tooth but left me with the prepared ‘stump’ incl post. When I asked her if she would put a temporary tooth on she said that as she had now taken impressions a temporary tooth could ‘alter’ the prepared tooth when she came remove the temporary – altering the fit of the new crown! I have now learned that this is a load of rubbish and any temporary would be fixed with temporary paste which would be almost ready to fall off as I returned for the permanent crown 1-2 weeks later. I now think the that fact that she was running half hour late might have more to do with it. This is my first experience of a crown and my first experience with this particular dentist. i look forward to your reply many thanks
You are correct about the temporary. Not making a temporary is just poor dentistry. Teeth tend to move, so one of the main reasons for making a temp is to stop this.
As for the dark line. Usually the tooth can be prepared in such a way that this can be disguised. However, there are sometimes when this is not possible or recommended. In any circumstance, you are not happy with the shade.
It sounds like you need to discuss with the dentist your concerns and see if they can be addressed to your satisfaction or you may need to seek treatment at a different dentist.
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