My Dentist Said He Can’t Place A Single Implant. Can This Be Done?

My problem is that I have a broken post on a root-filled upper canine tooth. Many adjacent teeth are also root-filled [by an endodontic specialist dentist] with posts and crowns. My dentist referred me to an implant dentist who says I need several implants, he cannot just do the one tooth. No doubt the other teeth are not perfect. I am 67, but am loath to consider extracting them and having implants as long as they seem satisfactory. I had no idea that posts could break. Your website seems not to suggest that single implants present problems! Is a single implant possible. 
Hey, thanks for your question. I think you need a second opinion. It is impossible to answer your question with out seeing you and seeing x-rays of your mouth. But in principle, single implants should be possible. Good luck. – Dr Nick Fahey. 
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