Fillings have broken my teeth, are implants the best option to replace them?

I believe as a result of dental work i had approx 10years ago, resulted in me loosing 2 of my teeth – Top 2 at the left had side. The 2 fillings that had casued both my teeth to break. In order to fix the problem at the time the dentist inserted a metal rod into the gum, hence i have 2 teeth that are similar to the rest. This however has causing me problems ever since where the false tooth keeps falling off if i chew something like a gum or hard stuff. I have been numerous time to the same dentist, though that particular dentist does not practice there a few of his colleagues have moved elsewhere which i go to. Every few years i have to go back to fix the problem, most annoying thing is that the food gets stuck. To get this permanantly resolved what options do i have that will no cost to much? Many thanks

Unfortunately in your specific case it is impossible to give options and costings without examining the mouth clinically and radiographically. My advice would be to have consultation with an implant dentist.

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