Bridge Or Implants – Which Would Be Best For Elongated Upper Teeth With Receding Gums?

Hi Dr. Moore. I have receding gums, but I see a hygienist regularly and have had a very expensive series of periodontal treatments. My 6 front upper teeth are elongated with obvious receding gums, and are held together by a brace on the back that maintains their awful position- would you recommend a bridge or implants? Could you also advise on me on the cost? My dentist is only interested in implants which worries me because of the pain, cost and whether I have enough bone to hold them. I am 50 and I am a smoker (I am trying to stop). I would be very grateful for your advice, thank you. 
Hello and thank you for your question. It sounds like a bridge won’t work as the gap will be too long. That leaves you with implants.A full assessment will be needed to check what the bone is like and giving up smoking will help your long term prognosis.
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