Can I replace 2 adult teeth and one baby tooth with dental implants?

Q. Hello Doctor Andrew Moore and I thank you for your time. I have overcrowding at the front of my mouth. There is two teeth in front of one another (incisor) along with a baby tooth next to them (I am currently twenty five). Is it possibly to remove these three (2 adult and 1 baby) teeth and then replace them with two dental implants (preferably one implant with 2 teeth attached). What would an approximate cost be for this type of treatment if you can please let me know. Many thanks and I hope you can advise on this cheers,.,
A. Hello and sincere thanks for your enquiry. as a rough guide £4000 for a three tooth implant supported bridge with 2 implants although if the teeth are not next to each other then you may need a slightly different treatment to this. if you’d like me to take a look then I would gladly see you. Please feel free to call my clinic on 08443 87 87 88 
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