Is nerve damage a possible side-effect with dental implants?

Q. Hi. I am thinking about getting an implant but have read that nerve damage is one problem that can sometimes occur. It said this was typically due to a mistake or somethin by the dentist. Does this happen often?
A. Hi, many thanks for your email, if you’re having an implant in the lower jaw then there is a chance that the implant, if placed too deep, could hit the ID nerve and cause nerve damage and loss of innervation to the side of the face and lower lip. The risk of this if the treatment is undertaken by an experienced implantologist is very minimal. The other precaution which would then totally eliminate nerve damage would be to have a CT scan done, which would give a very accurate position of the nerve so then the surgeon would know how much bone was available up to the nerve, so place an implant which would be away from this so eliminate the chance of damage. Hope this is helpful.

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