My Partial Denture is Uncomfortable. Would Dental Implants Be a Better Solution for Me?

Hello, I’d like some advice. I’m 57 and due to gum disease I’ve lost a number of teeth around my mouth over the last couple of years. Two teeth at the front have been lost and another at the front is very loose, so it’s only a matter of time before that comes out too. I do wear a partial denture but find it very uncomfortable and I also find it difficult to eat because the denture makes the food taste strange. Could dental implants be a better solution for me, and how much approximately would they cost for my situation? 
Hi there, thank you for your question. Without seeing you, it’s hard to give you an estimate with regards to cost but I can say that dental implants will probably be a lot more comfortable for you. I would suggest that you arrange a consultation and CT scan with a dentist in your area, and it might be worth looking online to see if you can find any payment plans that suit your needs. Good luck!
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