The Taste Of Food Is Impaired By My Dentures, Would I Be A Suitable Candidate For Implants?

Hi Andrew. I am 47 years old and over the last two years have lost a number of upper teeth due to gum disease. I have lost two of my front teeth and one of my main front teeth is extremely loose an am sure it will come out soon, I have a partial denture that is uncomfortable and eating is no longer a pleasure as the taste of my food is impaired and does not feel natural. Can dental implants offer me a better solution and which treatment would suit my problem best and what is the treatment cost estimate? I hope you can help me answer these questions as it would be a great help.
Hello. Dental implants generally are much more comfortable than dentures but all cases are different so I can’t give you an estimate without seeing you first. If you’d like to contact my clinic we can arrange a full consultation and CT scan. 08443 87 87 88. Alternatively you can search the web for payment plans available. Thanks for getting in touch.
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