What is the situation on implants and sport? What about bruxism?

Q. Hi History is:- Upper left 2 peg lateral. Traumatic fracture at gum line approx 1998. Root canal filled and crown fitted. Short peg as OPG revealed dog-leg shaped root. Root now has hairline crack. Currently aged 38, occasional rugby (now very infrequent), 5-a-side football). Questions:- 1. Am I likely to be a suitable candidate for implant (lifestyle factors can be tweaked !)? 2. What is life expectancy / replacement period for implants; will they need revisions and if so how many can be done; what is position if no further revisions are possible? 3. I expect rugby contra-indicates implants but what about football (I have always worn orthodontic mouthguard for both). 4. Possibly some occasional night-time bruxing – would this preclude implant / would a lower guard help? 5. Any idea on likely cost? Many thanks,
A. Hi msny thanks for your email, 1: yes you are a good candidate for dental implants, as long as your medically fit and well and also being a non smoker is always a good start. 2:Dental implants do last very well and can be expected to still be present 15 -20 years after placement. the crown which sits onto can however be changed and it is common that this may be revised every 10years. If the dental implant does fail then it is also possible to place another implant into the same position but it is always wise to work out the reason for failure. 3:If you do wear sport guards when playing sports then this does minimise the risk of damage. 4:if you are a grinder then i would recommend a night guard to protect your existing teeth and also the dental implant. 5: average cost can range from £2000 – £4000 for a single tooth dental implant. hope this is helpful. Dr Kailesh Solanki
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