Will My Father’s Dental Implants Look Natural?

Hello Dr Glover. I’ve recently paid for my father to get some of his teeth sorted and he’s due to have three dental implants fitted but he’s starting to have second thoughts. Is there any way his dentist can manage to calm him down before he has them? Will they match up correctly and look natural? He’s worried about looking stupid. I hope you can provide us with information on this. It would really be helping us out. Thanks.
Hello, thanks for your query. It is natural to feel some anxiety before any dental procedure, and most dentists are aware and do everything they can to calm nervous patients down. If you have a word with them before the procedure they will bear in mind his concerns and will probably be able to offer sedation if necessary. As for the implants themselves, they are designed to match the natural teeth so that nobody will really be able to tell that they’re not real, so he’s got nothing to worry about there! 
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