How can dental implants help to secure dentures?

Q. I have had my dentures for a short while now but they never feel like they are securely fitted. I have read that dental implants may be able to help them be more sturdy. I was hoping you could tell me how this is possible? Thank you.
A. hi many thanks for your email, the reason why dentures are not very secure is that they are not fixed to anything, they work by suction and rest on the bone and tissues of the mouth, but as soon as you move your mouth, tougue cheeks and lips this can move the dentures out of position and cause a very unsatisfactory situation.

Dental implants are titanium screws which are fixed to the bone of the jaws, the ends of the implants are a ball shape which then inserts into the dentures into a socket shape attachment and ae therefore fixed into position, very much like a press stud on a jacket.

this allows the denture to be secure so not to move around the mouth during function but also allows it to be removed for cleaning.

hope this is helpful.

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