I Have An Infected Molar And I Don’t Want Complications. Should I Go With Antibiotics?

Hello, I have just had a crowned molar extracted because it got infected for a second time and my dentist said that recurrent infections were highly likely so it should come out. He cleaned the remaining hole but two days later it was infected. So he cleaned it again and put a swab in it with antiseptic on it. It feels like it is getting infected again though not as badly as the first time. I am going to see him tomorrow, two days after the swab went in. Should he give me antibiotics now or just clean it again. I am breastfeeding. I don’t want unnecessary antibiotics but I don’t want complications either. Many thanks in advance for your help.
Sounds like a dry socket, unfortunately this is a known complication and although it is distressing it will resolve with time. In my opinion based on what you have told me, if it is a dry socket, antibiotics are of very limited benefit. The situation is self limiting and gets better with or without antibiotics.
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