Is it best to remove tooth affected by periodontal pockets and get an implant?

Hi – I had a upper molar extracted. After this, Bone absorbsion must have taken place, leaving a slight depression, at the same time, a upper wisdom tooth then grew out next to the gap and closed the gap at a slight angle. However, periodontal pockets opened up at the same time, leading to periodontal disease and I now I have a periodontal pocket of over 7mm in the Wisdom tooth.

On a recent panoramic x-ray there is clear bone loss.
I had a deep root scaling to counter the disease, and maintain excellent dental hygiene, but I am again getting periodontal infections in this tooth.

I am utterly fed up with it, so I would like this wisdom tooth extracted and a implant put in it’s place.

I also have read a lot about the gram negative periodontal bacteria which have negative effects on peoples general health. I would like to think that if the tooth is extracted and a implant put in that would be the end of the disease in the site, as I read there is no periodontal ligament with a implant. Would this be the case?

I realise I would likely need a sinus lift and perhaps a bone graft also to build up the bone.

How would you proceed in this sort of case?

If the tooth is extracted would you wait for 2 months for the periodontal bacteria to be eliminated from the site by a patients immune response? Is it better to get the tooth extracted and wait 2 months before I see a implant specialist?

What sort of outcome can people with periodontal disease I hope for with implants?

I would see an expert first. In general your suggestions sound reasonable, but this has to be backed up by a clinical exam.
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