Three dentists have told be different things. What should I do?

Q. Hello i\’m a bit confused, i\’ve been to 3 different dentists regarding implants and all three have told me different things. I have two missing front teeth and bone loss is apparent so it may be a struggle to receive implants but also my two teeth next to the missing ones are decayed and may need to be removed also. One dentist said that the bone was fine and I can have two single implants. One said they other two teeth need to be removed and then i need a bone graft and he\’d decide on the implant type and one said he couldn\’t do anything because i\’d suffered too much bone loss! What can i do??,
A. Thanks for your question. As with many aspects of dentistry clinical opinion can differ between different clinicians. This can be due to the level of experience and training each dentist has, the type of implants they use and what diagnostic information they have available. Perhaps you need to look at what qualifications and experience each dentist has and use that as a basis for making your decision about how you would like to proceed with your dental treatment. I hope that this helps. Regards George Glover BDS MSc
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