Do implants have to be replaced at any stage and what about cleaning practise?


I am nineteen years old and have recently had an implant fitted but the tooth has not been screwed in just yet and I am still currently wearing a denture.

Through out my journey, I have had around four different dentists, and I’m starting to get a little confused. When I ask them questions, they tend to ignore the question and say you don’t need to worry about that just yet. That makes it worse, and I worry more.

I have quite a few unanswered questions and I’m sorry if you feel bombarded. Firstly, do implants have to be replaced? Secondly, am I able to have braces after the implant has been fitted to correct spacing between the teeth surrounding the implant. Thirdly, will the implant need cleaned at any point?


1. Implants last a long time but as you’re quite young the chances are it will need replacing at some stage

2. It might be best to complete the orthodontics before the final implant tooth is fitted or just modify the implant crown or adjacent teeth to close the spaces.

3. It can’t be removed for cleaning as it will be held in the bone, the crown on top might need periodic maintenance depending on your home cleaning regime

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