What are the risks associated with gum recession and implants in terms of the bone?

Q. I need about 5 implants done. I am (only) 38 and know that my gums will recede with ageing. If the gums recede past the implant line then i assume this is a problem and that the implant will need replacing. What are the risks accociated with this in terms of long term structure of the bone etc. How easy is it to replace implants later on if there is excessive gum recession?,
A. Hi many thanks for your email, you will always have recession around teeth as well as dental implants. therefore over the years you will suffer biological recession around the implants which is minimal as long as you keep to a good regime of oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist. dental implants require bone so if at any point the dental implants need replacing then the question to ask is can the implant be removed without causing destruction to the bone and secondly once the implant has been removed is there enough bone left to replace the dental implant into a better position or is a bone graft needed. Dr Kailesh Solanki
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