Would teeth extraction eliminate recurring abscess?

I have two problem teeth (one either side of the upper front two) that have been root canal filled but routinely abcess (once/twice every year). Each time I get on a course of antibiotics to clear up the infection but suffer pain for several days before the abcess clears. My dentist has rec ommended extraction but I dont really want dentures and cant have a bridge as I already have one for the front two teeth and cant extend anymore. My questions are: (a) will extraction definitely eliminate the abcess? (b) can I still have abcsesses even after an implant? I have been suffering abcesses for several years and now want a long term solution that doesn’t involve dentures!
Remove the tooth as soon as possible before the infection destroys more bone. Removal of the tooth and cleaning out of the socket will eliminate the abscess, you may need a temporary denture or bridge while the gum and bone heal prior to placing implants at a later date
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